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Using a Lapel Flower Pin to Accessorize Your Outfit

A lapel flower pin, also known as a fascinator, is a fun way to add flair and color to your outfit, while still adding an item which is considered relatively rare. Sure, it might be creating a renaissance look, but wouldn't you also believe it's here to stay? There is no denying the appeal lapel pins have had since medieval times, and the history of fascinators is filled with tales of royalty from all over the world. And the charm of this popular piece of jewelry has transcended that of simply being a fashion accessory. Fascination for this piece of jewelry is as varied as the people who enjoy wearing them. You can learn more about these pins by reading this article.

A lapel flower pin is simply an inexpensive metal pin with a loop or eye at the top, which is placed on the back of the garment or article of clothing. When worn, this device allows you to quickly and easily remove the pin without having to dig through your clothes to reach it. The beauty of these items is that they can be made in just about any material imaginable, and come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. They are often used to accentuate clothing accessories such as shirts or blouses. Note that you get them at the Art of The Gent shop.

Many people believe that you must wear a shirt or blouse that is of a certain size in order to wear a fabric lapel flower pin. While this is not necessarily true, other pieces of clothing such as tank tops or other fabrics may also qualify. While it is important to make sure you are able to wear the piece, you don't need to go to the extreme of wearing a shirt or blouse that is too large. Most people tend to wear them on the smaller side, as small as they feel comfortable in. If you have a particular size in mind, keep in mind that most pins will accommodate up to a 14-inch waistline.

One of the most popular uses for a lapel flower pin is when they are used to accentuate pants and jackets. A great accessory for wearing in this situation is one which comes with an attached chain. These are often used in the same manner as the ones which are found on shirts. They are attached to the back of the pants in much the same way, allowing for the chain to dangle down and stay connected to the backside of the pants. The chain is often chain bonded, rather than simply made from one piece of metal, so that the jewelry that is worn with it will not come off should the pants be washed. This particular use for the lapel buttonhole comes in quite a few different sizes, as well as colors, making it appropriate for many different outfits.

A second popular use is to wear a pin that has a solid color on the back side, but has a flower or bar along the front. In many cases these pins can be found in a number of different colors, or even patterns, allowing a person to coordinate the shirt or jacket that they are wearing with their pin. In addition to having the fabric of the pin changed, the flower can be replaced. This makes it easy to accessorize an outfit without having to worry about an overly busy or strange pattern. Many people even have the pins made to match the suits that they are wearing.

One of the most important things to remember when using a lapel flower in a fashion design is that they need to match the outfit that you are wearing. If you are wearing a solid color suit, you do not want to wear a pink pin. It is fine to have one that has a different color on the back, such as a red flower, but you do not want it to be the same color as your suit. You should always ensure that the material that the flower is made out of matches the fabric that you are wearing. Check out this post for more information:

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